I was that person seeking validation from other people

For  a long time I was that person seeking validation from other people. I used to define myself by the opinions of people I value and respect and I desperately sought their approval and validation. I looked to people to tell me who I am or what I am worth. I tried desperately to let them like me. Without the words or actions that I felt approved me, I automatically assumed that people disapproved of me and I immediately begin to question my actions and so I became  very insecure. I wanted to fit into their definition of who they think…
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Value yourself, even in relationships

It’s been a while I posted anything here but I am going to do better from now. I was having a conversation with a close friend the other day we were talking about relationships generally and how people keep going back to old friendships that didn’t work for a reason, Ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends that are exs for a reason. I took away some lessons from the conversation and I thought to share with you. I hope you find them useful. 1. Some people don’t value you enough to put an effort into your relationship or friendship with them, stop putting…
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Ways Journaling Helps You Practice Self-Care

I have always loved journaling, but it just has never been a regular habit for me. My book shelf is filled with fancy pens and half used pretty journals. About 3 weeks ago I was watching a YouTube video by Lana Shlafer where she talked about using her journal to set intentions for the day and then I made up my mind to journal too. I use an app called Daylio and I love it…totally! We all have dark days, black moods, and anxious feelings. Use writing in a journal to explore the darkness. You will find your inner light when you…
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Be True to Yourself!

To be true to yourself means to act in accordance with who you are and what you believe. If you know and love yourself you will find it effortless to be true to yourself. Just as you cannot love anyone else until you love yourself, you cannot be true to anyone else until you are true to yourself. Begin by not being afraid to be who you are! As difficult as it may seem at first, have the courage to accept yourself as you really are, not as as someone else thinks you should be. Do not take action or…
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It’s Not “Loving” to Let Others Pull Their Crap

Beth Clayton is one of the people I resonate with a lot on this journey to loving and respecting myself more. I found her blog when I was trying to lose some weight. Beth teaches people how to ditch the dieting and deprivation and ignite their relationship with their bodies and their lives. She believes that stepping into a respectful partnership with your body is the first high-impact step toward incredible empowerment in your life and deep alignment with your soul. So when I got this post in my inbox and talked about relationships and boundaries ( I have been dealing…
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