Designing a plan to take care of “You”

Tending to one’s self is personal, and it’s sorta unique to every individual. What calms me and centres me might not calm the next person. So it is important that whatever approach or plan you decide on is totally unique and personal.

So the template below is just to guide you and give you an idea of activities that can help you design a good care plan for yourself.


  1. Download the template or use the template to create a simpler or more complex template
  1. For each area of life stated, choose at least one activity that you think would work for, something you would delight in doing.
  1. Print it and paste where you can see it or fill the word document on your phone /laptop and ensure you look through it everyday. Whichever way you choose the idea is to make it visible so you see it everyday or at least few days after you start.
  1. Self-care takes practice, so remember to stick to the plan. Practice everyday.
  1. Keep practicing till it becomes a habit for you. Feel free to add new activities or adjust your strategy as the days go by. Just ensure whatever activity you add, serves its purpose and helps the area of your life you are trying to take care of.

P.S: Like I mentioned in the guideline above, the sample activities are just there to guide you. It is very important to choose activities that are meaningful to you.

Download the design-your-self-care-template below:

  1. PDF: The best quality for printing
  2. Word Doc: The best for use on your technological devices

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