How I Take Care of Myself

I never used to take care of myself or pay much attention to myself. I was the “Commander – in- Chief” of self-neglect. I never made myself a priority until very recently.

When I started losing weight, I found out that it wasn’t just that I was a foodie, I had neglected myself I didn’t care about my body, my soul or my emotional life I didn’t give much thought to my personal space, I would give my time, my energy to just anyone. People treated me like they wanted to because I allowed it

After I had lost about 30kg, I started taking care of myself, I was mindful of what I ate, what I wore, how I treated my body, the food I ate and all of a sudden I noticed I was giving so much attention to my physical body and it seemed like my mind and soul were lagging behind.

So I developed a routine, anytime I exercised for 30 minutes, I would take the same 30 minutes to improve my mind by reading, and also take 30 minutes to read spiritual materials, some other times I just stay quiet and listen to myself. This started a new habit for me. I started paying attention to myself and different areas of my life. I think everyone should.

Here are areas I focus on, hoping you might take a cue from me and start focusing on these areas too

  1. My Body: I try to stay active, by exercising. A lot of times I use workout videos but sometimes, I go for long walks,I jump rope I also ensure I feed my temple (my body) healthy meals 85%- 90% of the time. I listen to my body, I am mindful of my skin, what I wear, how I appear in public, my hair, my perfume, my bag and all the works. Visit the doctor when I feel ill, pay attention to my teeth, and every part of my body really. I also have become aware of my personal safety and I ensure I have enough sleep.
  2. My Spiritual life: I consciously pay attention to my spiritual life, spirituality isn’t religion for me. It is acknowledging that there is a higher being and staying connected to that being. Because I am a Christian I read the bible more, and try to forget all that I was taught. I read to understand God for myself. I have become aware of the universe and the environment I live in. I also engage in reflective practices like meditation, yoga amongst other things.
  1. My Social life: I am mindful of who I call friend, who I share my time with, who I allow into my space, I am conscious about the kind of energy I allow near me. I try to strengthen my relationship with my family and friends, redefine a lot of friendships and generally nurture the meaningful relationships I have. I have become stricter with boundaries and I am learning to have fun, relax, enjoy my own company etc.
  1. My Emotions: I’ve started learning to let go of bottled up emotions especially self-hate and anger. I’m journaling a lot instead of bottling up emotions. I am learning  to dance on my own, earphones on and singing at the top of my voice and just expressing “my happy”.
  2. My Mind: I used to read a lot so this wasn’t difficult for me, but I have become very deliberate about the materials I read. I am staying away from junk stuff, and feeding my mind some good stuff. I have become a deliberate thinker, I am starting to explore my creativity. Paying more attention to my professional development and career.

If like me you never paid attention to yourself, here are areas you can begin to pay attention to. Please don’t limit yourself to my list, explore other ares of life that make you you and just spend time to care for the area also feel free to share your ideas.

Want some ideas on how to care for yourself? Design your own here

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