Protect your space…

In the month of February I saw quite a number of old friends, I particularly remember feeling a little sad and unsure about my future plans after I met one of them. While thinking about why I was feeling that way, I remember a conversation I  had earlier in the year with one of many ‘teachers’ . I remember him saying I need to protect my energy and my circle after I had shared with him some of my plans for the year; he said , “because you’re walking a new path, and rediscovering yourself you need to protect the information you are feeding yourself, stay away from companies/information/places that wont ground that truth  …”

Looking after our energy, our space , our heart or our truth is very important. Our thoughts, emotions, our interactions with friends, acquaintances, colleagues or even strangers affects us more than we know.

*Set boundaries around your beliefs or your heart: set intentions  before you meet people, be deliberate about keeping your energy to yourself, set the intentions not to absorb any negative energy anyone is trying to project onto you. Stop surrogating for someone’s energy by taking on people’s stuff because you feel they can’t protect or look after themselves

**Protect your space: You do not have to welcome unnecessary bear hugs or sloppy kisses. If you don’t want someone eating from your plate or touching your pregnant tummy or If you prefer handshakes don’t afraid to ‘offend’ anyone. Just say it, but be calm and polite. Studies show that most people need an arm’s length between them and someone else, so someone is standing to close to you, mention it..

When you need to be alone communicate that to people around you, don’t encourage people barging in into your room if you don’t like it. You are not bad for needing more space than someone else; nor are you wrong if you need less space. But in either case, it’s important for you to acknowledge your own needs when you interact with others. Try to let them know what you need and be willing to respect other’s needs too.

Many of us struggle with setting boundaries because we are afraid we will be seen as unkind or selfish if we don’t give someone else what they want. But remember ALWAYS that you have the right to have things your way as much as anyone else






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