Ways Journaling Helps You Practice Self-Care

I have always loved journaling, but it just has never been a regular habit for me. My book shelf is filled with fancy pens and half used pretty journals. About 3 weeks ago I was watching a YouTube video by Lana Shlafer where she talked about using her journal to set intentions for the day and then I made up my mind to journal too. I use an app called Daylio and I love it…totally!

We all have dark days, black moods, and anxious feelings. Use writing in a journal to explore the darkness. You will find your inner light when you do-TinyBudhha

In the past few weeks that I have consistently journalled I have found that Journaling helps me become more connected to myself. Journaling almost always improves my mood, and it helps me  feel calm and centred.  Journaling has helped me set my intentions for the day, start my day on a good note , track my progress on goals and dreams; Journaling has helped me brain-dumped, It has helped me go deep into myself ask my self questions and provide answers I never knew I had. Journaling has helped me achieve what I like to call mental peace. Journaling has also helped me go through confusing emotions. Self care is truly about diving deep into the core of who you are, and embracing yourself entirely and Journaling is one way to achieve that.

How to use the Journal

There are few ways I use the journal to practice self care

  1. I use it in the morning to set the tone for the day. I write about your intentions, hopes and dreams, I write affirmations and just have a few minutes of me-time before the day starts.
  2. I use the journal to examine my feelings, dig deep into things on my mind and once I can pin point them through journaling it becomes easy to address them. If there’s any thing you are struggling with write about it. Writing out your feelings help you work through your worries.
  3. Journaling as a honest space. Anytime I need to make a decision. I write about it in my journal. It has helped me look at issues objectively and also helped me make decisions with a clear mind.When I journal, I don’t think about my grammar or vocabulary I just express myself, exactly the way I feel that way I am able to give the true account of events , explore emotions freely  and I have learnt to be honest with myself when I journal. I like the idea and the freedom that comes with having a place where I can be real with myself.

    So, if you are yet to jump o the band wagon, I think you should.  Buy a beautiful colourful journal that resonates with you or download an app. You might be surprised to see the many benefits y can reap from opening your heart to writing. Journaling opens up your heart, it frees your soul and your spirit….dont take my word for it.  Try it!


    I have been able to take care of my emtions and my psychology through journaling and I really hope you find it useful too.

    Have you found journaling a useful practice? Want to share your experience? Use the comment section below.

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