Tending to YOUrself on Valentine’s Day

So it’s valentine’s day today and we thought to give tips on how you can tend to yourself. We know there’ll be a lot of activities to do today, hanging out with your loved one, plenty yummy chocolate, food, wine, solo movie runs, spa dates, there would be candles, beautiful scents finding expression on pieces of clothing amongst other things. We really can’t imagine all the goodness that will happen today….Oh Lawdy! We just thought to mention that after doing all the “traditional” things you are expected to do today, don’t forget to be with yourself. Show yourself some deep…
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The Value of a Masterpiece

What are you telling yourself? #Affirmations  The Value of a Masterpiece -Logan Wolfram, Curious Faith Devotional (You version) Recently, I came across a Dove soap video produced in France that reduced me to tears. In the clip, women had been asked to record all of the thoughts that they had heard about themselves throughout the day in a journal. Dove then turned the women’s thoughts into a dialogue that played out in a street café within earshot of several other tables, including the original women who wrote the words in the journals. “You have a big chest and short legs.…
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Designing a plan to take care of “You”

Tending to one’s self is personal, and it’s sorta unique to every individual. What calms me and centres me might not calm the next person. So it is important that whatever approach or plan you decide on is totally unique and personal. So the template below is just to guide you and give you an idea of activities that can help you design a good care plan for yourself. Guidelines: Download the template or use the template to create a simpler or more complex template For each area of life stated, choose at least one activity that you think would…
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How I Take Care of Myself

I never used to take care of myself or pay much attention to myself. I was the “Commander – in- Chief” of self-neglect. I never made myself a priority until very recently. When I started losing weight, I found out that it wasn’t just that I was a foodie, I had neglected myself I didn’t care about my body, my soul or my emotional life I didn’t give much thought to my personal space, I would give my time, my energy to just anyone. People treated me like they wanted to because I allowed it After I had lost about…
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